Entry #2

Well shit...

2015-12-26 15:02:58 by CNena

So what had happened was my laptop died on me and took everything with it. I lost all my art on there, but a few months back I got my desktop to finally work again(all I had to do was uninstal norton... I'm a fucking genius guys) and then I started taking commissions that took up most of my time... but I'm back now and will be uploading the weird shit that's been building up. It's mainly butch furry girls, gore, and monsters.

I'm not explaining any of that, so clench your butts and get ready for a bunch of art! Woo! Anyways, I hope you all had a fabulous holiday and here's to a happy new year~


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2015-12-26 19:02:38

Glad to see you back, hope to see more of your shit here.
Happy new year.